Experience & Skills

I had the pleasure of working with Terri for 4 years in a fast growing fertility practice operating in a very competitive market. I found Terri to be very thorough in developing her analyses. She has a strong creative style to marketing a product or service with proven abilities to market her plan to a broad audience.

Ronald Jones, Former Chief Operating Officer, Boston IVF

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Fertility Marketing Leader

Terri has unique experience that was perfect for RESOLVE – she knows the infertility marketplace and can understand the providers and patients, and she has a long background in marketing and communications. Terri has brought these unique skills to RESOLVE and done a great job!

Barbara Collura, Executive Director, RESOLVE

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Passion for Family Building

Terri has an insider’s knowl­edge of the infer­til­ity field thru her vast expe­ri­ence & unique insight from hav­ing worked at sev­eral clin­ics, as well as through her involve­ment with patient-focused orga­ni­za­tions. She has been able to find me the right vehi­cles to pro­mote my books & con­sult­ing ser­vices.

Kristen Magnacca, author of Love and Infertility

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